ZachXBT Unveils Phishing Scammer “Ultra” Behind Discord Compromises


A thorough investigation conducted by Zachxbt reveals the intricate web of phishing scams orchestrated by the elusive figure known as “Ultra.” Through compromised Discord channels, Ultra siphoned millions of dollars into various crypto addresses, fueling a lavish lifestyle marked by excessive gambling and extravagant purchases. Despite efforts to conceal his identity, Ultra’s digital footprint ultimately exposes his true identity as Nicolas, linking him to multiple data breaches and illicit activities.

A Scammer’s Life

In a detailed investigation led by Zachxbt, alarming revelations have emerged regarding a prolific phishing scammer known as “Ultra,” who has orchestrated numerous Discord compromises resulting in millions of dollars being stolen. The modus operandi involves spamming phishing links in compromised Discord channels, ultimately funneling funds to various crypto addresses linked to the perpetrator.

Ultra’s nefarious activities extend beyond financial theft, as he reportedly squandered the ill-gotten gains on extravagant expenditures, including gambling on platforms like Stake, acquiring rare usernames, and purchasing items in the virtual world of Roblox.

Monkey Drainer Link

The investigation traces back to February 2023 when the Dead Army Skeleton Discord fell victim to a compromise after an admin was successfully phished. Subsequently, phishing links flooded the announcements channel, diverting funds to addresses associated with Ultra, such as offtherip.eth and Monkey Drainer.

Funds moved to same addresses

Reckless Actions

In a bizarre turn of events, Ultra flaunted his stolen wealth by sending $200,000 to his acquaintance “Death,” only to be duped when Death absconded with the funds. Ultra’s desperate pleas for the return of the stolen money highlight the chaotic aftermath of his reckless actions.

Further instances of phishing attacks on platforms like Metakey Discord and Based Nouns Discord resulted in substantial financial losses, with funds consistently being routed to addresses linked to Ultra. The investigation uncovers a pattern of utilizing the same deposit addresses, indicating a lack of effort to conceal the illicit proceeds.

Following Digital Footprint

Remarkably, Ultra’s digital footprint, including his Stake username “UltraTheGoat” and Roblox account, leads back to the identity of Nicolas, as exposed through data breaches on platforms like Flipd/OgUsers.

The severity of Ultra’s crimes has prompted Zachxbt to share critical information with the victims and authorities, with hopes of facilitating legal action against the perpetrator in the United States.

As the investigation unfolds, the crypto community remains vigilant against phishing scams and underscores the importance of robust security measures to safeguard against such malicious activities.

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