FTX Issues Warning Regarding Unauthorized Bid Solicitations During Bankruptcy Proceedings

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FTX Derivatives Exchange, amidst ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, has reinforced its restructuring efforts by appointing Galaxy Asset Management as the exclusive investment manager authorized to handle offers and solicitations on behalf of the exchange. This strategic move aims to streamline negotiations and ensure compliance with legal requirements while safeguarding the restructuring process against unauthorized entities. Additionally, FTX has received approval from the Supreme Bankruptcy Court to shift its stake in AI firm Anthropic, valued at over $1 billion, potentially alleviating significant financial burdens and facilitating the repayment of customer claims and creditor obligations.

A Caution Against Unauthorized Solicitations

FTX Derivatives Exchange, currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, has taken steps to safeguard
its restructuring process by emphasizing its exclusive partnership with Galaxy Asset Management as
the authorized investment manager. In recent communications, including posts on social media
platforms, FTX has reiterated that only Galaxy Asset Management holds the authority, granted by the
bankruptcy court, to handle any offers or solicitations for bids on behalf of the exchange. This notice
serves as a cautionary measure against non-authorized entities attempting to engage in such

The emphasis on Galaxy Asset Management’s exclusive role underscores FTX’s commitment to
managing its restructuring process efficiently and transparently. By entrusting Galaxy Asset
Management with the responsibility of handling offers and solicitations, FTX aims to streamline the
negotiation process and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

A Lifeline

Amidst its restructuring efforts, FTX has received a significant boost with the recent approval from the
Supreme Bankruptcy Court to shift its stake in AI firm Anthropic. This move, valued at over $1 billion,
is expected to alleviate a substantial portion of FTX’s financial burden, potentially paving the way for
the repayment of both customer claims and creditor obligations.

(1/4) The FTX Debtors’ sale of Digital Assets pursuant to Bankruptcy Court Order no. 2505 is exclusively being handled by the FTX Debtors’ court-authorized Investment Manager, Galaxy Asset Management (GDAM@galaxy.com).

— FTX (@FTX_Official) March 1, 2024

The anticipated stake sale in Anthropic holds promise for FTX’s financial recovery, as it could generate
substantial proceeds to contribute towards fulfilling its commitments to customers and creditors. This
strategic move reflects FTX’s proactive approach to resolving its financial challenges and restoring
confidence among stakeholders.

Navigating Through Bankruptcy

Additionally, FTX’s engagement with government agencies demonstrates its willingness to address
outstanding issues responsibly. By negotiating agreements to temporarily defer certain claims, FTX
aims to prioritize the full refunding of customers before addressing other financial obligations.

FTX’s collaboration with Galaxy Asset Management and strategic initiatives like the stake sale
in Anthropic signify its commitment to navigating through its bankruptcy proceedings successfully.
With a focus on transparency, compliance, and responsible financial management, FTX aims to
emerge from bankruptcy stronger and better positioned to serve its customers and stakeholders in
the future.

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