Influencer Crypto Rover Accused of Pump-and-Dump and Breach of Contract

Crypto Rover

An investigation has been launched into influencer Crypto Rover for alleged misconduct in promoting projects, misleading followers, and engaging in pump and dump schemes. In May 2023, Rover was contracted to promote a project but failed to fulfill his obligations despite receiving payment and a stake in the project. Concerns were raised by community members, including @Zachxbt, highlighting the suspicious behavior observed in Rover’s actions. The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the risks of unethical behavior in the cryptocurrency industry.

A Shill for Hire

In a recent turn of events, cryptocurrency influencer Crypto Rover has come under scrutiny for his involvement in promoting projects, allegedly misleading his followers, and engaging in pump and dump schemes. The investigation stems from Rover’s connection with a project in May 2023, where he was hired to assist with promotion. This was revealed by Zachxbt, the online sleuth.

During negotiations, Rover boasted about his ability to inflate the value of projects significantly, claiming he could “pump projects from 1/2m to 10m easy.” As part of the agreement, Rover was promised $10,000 plus a 1% stake in the project’s supply.

Breach of Contract

However, following the payment, Rover failed to uphold his end of the bargain. Despite assurances that he would promote the project through various posts, he never followed through. This lack of action raised suspicions among community members, who voiced their concerns on social media platforms.

Zachxbt said, “After the payment was sent to Rover was where things started to go poorly. On multiple occasions Rover agreed he was going to start promoting the project with posts but never did.” After being called out by the project team for now keeping his part of the bargain, “One month later he responded claiming he did not scam and cannot refund but will make a post in better market conditions and will take legal action if they call him out. It’s now February 2024 and no posts have been made.”

crypto rover twitter page screenshot

Scammer Tactics

In response to the revelations, Twitter user @Bravercrypto commended the call-out, describing Rover’s behavior as indicative of scammer tactics. The user expressed bewilderment at the audacity of individuals engaging in pump and dump schemes, highlighting the trackability of their wallets on the blockchain.

Ot is instructive to note that Rover quickly sells tokens given to him by projects, raking in some 40 ETH in one instance despite promising to hold it for some time. This is a typical pump-and-dump tactic to mislead his folllowers. Zachxbt acknowledged that Rover is not the only crypto influencer involved in this shady practice.

The incident underscores the importance of ethical conduct within the cryptocurrency industry. While opportunities for financial gain abound, resorting to fraudulent activities ultimately leads to reputational damage and potential legal repercussions. As the investigation unfolds, it serves as a reminder for influencers and participants alike to uphold integrity and transparency in their dealings.

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