Binance Launchpool Unveils Pixels as its 46th Project

Binance 46th Launchpad

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the 46th project on its Launchpool platform: Pixels (PIXEL). This social web3 game, built on the Ronin Network, allows users to create and share their own games that natively integrate digital collectibles, offering a unique gaming experience with true ownership.

The highlights of the proposed launch and its benefits include:

Launchpool Farming: Users can stake their BNB and FDUSD tokens in separate pools to farm PIXEL tokens for ten days, starting February 9th, 2024.
Increased Ronin Activity: The game’s popularity has reportedly led to a surge in activity on the Ronin chain, suggesting positive community engagement.
Previous RONIN Listing: Binance previously listed the RONIN token, demonstrating an interest in Ronin-based projects.

Driving Adoption for Ronin

PIXEL’s success on Launchpool could fuel further adoption of the game and the Ronin chain.
Increased demand for PIXEL tokens could potentially impact its price.
Binance’s continued support for Ronin-based projects suggests growing confidence in the ecosystem.
Further Details:

Users can access the complete announcement, including staking details and tokenomics, through the provided link.
Following the Launchpool event, PIXEL is scheduled to be listed on Binance on February 19th, 2024.
Stay tuned for updates as this new social web3 game unfolds and potentially shapes the future of the Ronin ecosystem.

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