OKX Integrates Bitcoin Stamps, Atomicals, Doginals and Runes


Leading Web3 platform OKX is expanding its support for inscription standards, integrating Bitcoin’s SRC-20 (Stamps) in early February and ARC-20 (Atomicals), DRC-20 (Doginals) and Runes later in the month. This move aims to simplify access and trading for these emerging token standards within the OKX ecosystem.

Empowering Users to Interact With Leading Token Standards

Leading Web3 platform OKX is getting ready to serve up a wider selection of inscription standards, offering users access to Bitcoin Stamps, Atomicals, Doginals, and Runes. Starting February 5th, users can view and transfer Bitcoin’s SRC-20 (Stamps) inscriptions within their OKX wallets. Later in February, the feast expands with the integration of ARC-20 (Atomicals), DRC-20 (Doginals), and Runes, enabling seamless buying, selling, and trading with zero fees.

OKX Chief Innovation Officer Jason Lau said:

“OKX strives to drive mainstream adoption of technologies on the leading edge of Web3, and our new inscriptions ecosystem is evidence of our commitment to this mission. By empowering users to easily buy, sell, create, and trade leading token standards on one platform with zero trading fees, OKX is simplifying access and removing barriers so users can explore and realize the potential of inscriptions.”

This move positions OKX as a one-stop shop for inscription enthusiasts, simplifying access to these emerging standards and potentially boosting their adoption. Currently, OKX Wallet supports minting inscriptions on 23 networks, making it a versatile platform for exploring the diverse world of on-chain data storage.

What can users expect?

Bitcoin Stamps (SRC-20): Starting February 5th, users can view and transfer these inscriptions directly within their OKX wallets.

Atomicals (ARC-20), Doginals (DRC-20), and Runes: Coming later in February, these standards will be fully integrated, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade inscriptions with zero fees.

This expansion caters to diverse interests within the inscription space. Bitcoin Stamps offer a familiar experience for BTC users, while Atomicals, Doginals, and Runes explore alternative approaches on different blockchains. With zero fees and a user-friendly platform, OKX aims to make inscription exploration accessible to a wider audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned inscription collector or just curious about this emerging technology, OKX’s expanded standards buffet offers something for everyone. So, mark your calendars for February and get ready to explore the exciting world of on-chain inscriptions!

Author: Candace

Candace loves the arts. She holds some bitcoins.