WhaleAlert’s Twitter Updating Just Crashed Due to Whale Movements Overload

Whale leaping out of the water and the word "Alert"

WhaleAlert, the popular blockchain tracker known for its real-time updates on large cryptocurrency transactions, is facing temporary service disruptions due to a surge in whale activity. The platform is currently experiencing difficulties posting to Twitter, potentially triggered by hitting platform rate limits caused by the increased volume of high-value transactions.

Figuring Out The Cause

There has been a surge in whale activity in recent days. WhaleAlert , which is one of the most popular whale-reporting platform is struggling to post tweets at the time of reporting. The latest X post from the platform said,

“We are experiencing some trouble with posting to X/Twitter. We are trying to figure out what is causing the issue, but we are likely hitting rate limits due to increased whale traffic.”

WhaleAlert relies on tracking and reporting large cryptocurrency transactions across various blockchains. It has become obvious that recent market movements have led to a spike in whale activity, generating more data for the platform to process and disseminate.

Alternative Channels to Access Service

This sudden increase in high-value transactions appears to have surpassed the capacity of WhaleAlert’s Twitter posting functionality, triggering rate limits and limiting its ability to share updates instantly.

In the meantime, the WhaleAlert team is actively investigating the issue and seeking solutions to maintain data flow and resume timely Twitter updates. Despite the setback, users can still access complete transaction data directly through the WhaleAlert website and API. Alternative notification channels, such as Discord and Telegram, remain unaffected and continue to deliver alerts.

Author: Jinka

Jinka is a self-trained crypto journalist, passionate about happenings in the industry.