Phishing Email Alert: Trezor Users Advised to Stay Vigilant

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Trezor, a prominent cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider, recently issued an alert regarding an unauthorized email impersonating the company. The fraudulent email, sent from the address, bears the subject line ‘Assets undergoing upgrade.’ Trezor urges users who received this email to refrain from clicking any links or sharing any information. Instead, users are advised to promptly delete the suspicious email.

Impersonating Trezor

Trezor, a leading provider of cryptocurrency hardware wallets, has issued a security alert notifying users of an unauthorized email impersonating the company. The fraudulent email, originating from the address, is flagged with the subject line ‘Assets undergoing upgrade.’ In response to this security breach, Trezor has taken immediate action to caution users against interacting with the contents of the suspicious email.

Users who have received the email are strongly advised not to click on any embedded links or provide any personal information as part of a response. Instead, Trezor recommends the deletion of the email as a precautionary measure.

Phishing Alert

The email from Trezor said:

“We’ve detected an unauthorized email impersonating Trezor sent from a third-party email provider we use. If you received a suspicious email with the subject line ‘Assets undergoing upgrade’ from the ID:, please do not click any links or provide any info within. We request you to delete that email immediately.”

scam letter impersonating Trezor

Importance of Caution in Security

Trezor reaffirms its commitment to user security, emphasizing that the incident is under active investigation and that the company will provide timely updates as the situation unfolds. The security team at Trezor is diligently addressing the situation to mitigate any potential risks associated with the unauthorized email impersonation.

The company reassures its users that their wallets and funds remain secure. Trezor takes this opportunity to remind its user base of the importance of safeguarding their recovery seed and exercising caution against phishing attempts.

Users Asked to Stay Informed

In the evolving landscape of digital threats, user vigilance is paramount. Trezor encourages its community to stay informed and to remain vigilant against potential phishing attempts. Apologies are extended for any concern or inconvenience caused by this incident, and Trezor assures its users that their trust and security are the top priorities.

As users navigate the digital realm, especially in the cryptocurrency space, staying informed about security alerts and promptly reporting suspicious activity are crucial steps in maintaining a secure environment for digital assets. Trezor remains committed to providing a secure platform for its users and will continue to take proactive measures to ensure the integrity of its services.

Author: Jinka

Jinka is a self-trained crypto journalist, passionate about happenings in the industry.