Switzerland Authorities Approve First Retail Tokenized Securities Platform

FINMA signboard stamped "Approved"

In a landmark move, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has granted approval to the first-ever retail tokenized securities trading platform in the country. This paves the way for wider public participation in previously exclusive private markets, marking a significant step towards the digitization of traditional finance.

Onboarding Retail Investors

Taurus, a leading digital asset infrastructure provider for banks and institutions, is behind the groundbreaking TDX platform. With FINMA’s approval, Taurus is now extending its offerings to retail investors, aiming to democratize access to private markets.

The move aligns with Switzerland’s broader ambitions to become a hub for blockchain and digital asset innovation, FINMA stated. This vision highlights the potential of tokenization to streamline access, enhance transparency, and foster greater participation in private markets.

A Thorough Agency

“FINMA is a very thorough regulator and not an easy regulator to get approvals through,” Leo Mizuhara, CEO of decentralised asset management platform Hashnote, said. But, the regulators are “forward thinking” when it comes to digital assets.

While the specific details and regulations surrounding the TDX platform for retail investors remain to be fully disclosed, the approval itself signifies a major step forward. It opens up exciting possibilities for increased financial inclusion, allowing individual investors to potentially participate in previously inaccessible investment opportunities.

“Private markets 2.0 shall be digitised, so that buying a private security becomes as easy as buying a book on Amazon.” said Yann Isola, TDX head of product, in a statement.

Author: Candace

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