Ethereum Foundation Sells 700 ETH on Cow Protocol for 1,684,445 DAI

Ethereum and DAI banners and an arroe pointing to DAI from Ethereum

The Ethereum Foundation (0xd7…c1f4) recently sold 700 ETH on Cow Protocol between 16:54-17:05 UTC+8 at a price of $2,406 and exchanged it for 1,684,445 DAI. The DAI was then transferred to the Ethereum Foundation for funding disbursement. The address of Grant Provider: 0x9e…313D.


In a recent financial move, the Ethereum Foundation, represented by the wallet address “0xd7…c1f4,” executed a series of transactions on the Cow Protocol, resulting in the sale of 700 ETH. This strategic move occurred within a tight timeframe, specifically between 16:54-17:05 UTC+8, with each Ethereum unit fetching an average price of $2,406. The Foundation garnered a substantial sum of 1,684,445 DAI in exchange for the sold ETH.

Etherscan, a prominent Ethereum explorer, disclosed these transactions and traced the Ethereum’s path. The ETH sales were conducted in at least three transactions, and the funds were transferred using the wallet address “0xd779332c5A52566Dada11A075a735b18DAa6c1f4.” Subsequently, the amassed DAI was routed to the Ethereum Foundation, utilizing the Grant Provider’s wallet address: “0x9e…313D.”

Ongoing Developmental Projects On Ethereum

This significant financial maneuver, totalling nearly $1.68 million in DAI, raises intriguing questions about its potential ramifications on Ethereum’s market value. Notably, the Ethereum Foundation has maintained silence regarding the motives behind this sizable ETH sale.

As a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the Ethereum blockchain, the Foundation, through strategic financial moves like this, ensures funds for its continued development. The Grant Provider’s address, “0x9e…313D,” marks the destination for the disbursed funds, contributing to ongoing projects within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Well-Guarded Strategy

While the Ethereum Foundation’s activities in the financial realm captivate market observers, the precise implications for Ethereum’s market dynamics await clarification. The Ethereum Foundation, renowned for its contributions to the blockchain space, keeps its strategy closely guarded, leaving the broader crypto community intrigued about its next moves and the potential impact on Ethereum’s market trajectory.

Author: Jinka

Jinka is a self-trained crypto journalist, passionate about happenings in the industry.