Guide: How to Claim Bitcoin Forks

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Embark on a journey to unlock the potential hidden in Bitcoin forks with this insightful guide. From securing your private keys to navigating the labyrinth of different chains, discover the essential steps to confidently claim and capitalize on various Bitcoin forks.

We are bringing you the guide on how to claim bitcoins from Bitcoin forks. Special thanks to LoyceV on BTT for his insights. Bitcoin Cash has triggered a surge in Bitcoin forks, and navigating this complex landscape requires careful steps. Here’s a guide to help you claim your Bitcoin forks, turning them into real Bitcoins once they have a working wallet.

Starting Point: Identify Your Addresses

  • List all addresses that held Bitcoin during each fork, particularly if you use multiple addresses. Compile this information in a spreadsheet for clarity.

Precautions: Stay Vigilant

  • Exercise extreme caution, assuming any wallet could potentially compromise your funds. Implement stringent security measures to prevent theft.
  • Avoid sending Forkcoins to the wrong chain, and be meticulous in choosing trustworthy exchanges.

Bitcoin Forks and Wallets: A Comprehensive List

Name/WebsiteSymbolFork BlockWalletRevenue/BTCExchangeNotes
Bitcoin CashBCH/BCC478558Electron Cash / Coinomi$1700Bittrex / Kraken / ShapeshiftFork 1:1
Bitcoin GoldBTG491407Coinomi$190Bittrex / HitBTC / ShapeshiftFork 1:1
BitcoreBTX492820Coinomi$13HitBTCFork airdrop 0.5 BTX/BTC (0.01BTC min)
Bitcoin DiamondBCD495866Bither and Bitpie$160Bitpie (in wallet)Fork 10 BCD/BTC
Super BitcoinSBTC498888Bither and Bitpie$75Bitpie (in wallet)Fork 1:1
Bitcoin WorldBTW499777Bither and BitpieRevenue/BTCBitpie (in wallet)Fork 10,000 BCW/BTC
Bitcoin FaithBTF500000Bither and BitpieRevenue/BTCBitpie (in wallet)Fork 1:1
Bitcoin PayBTP499345Bither and BitpieRevenue/BTCBitpie (in wallet)Fork 10 BTP/BTC
Bitcoin NewBTN501000Bither and BitpieRevenue/BTCBitpie (in wallet)Fork 1:1

(Values are indicative and may change. Refer to for the latest prices.)

Claiming Forks: Step-by-Step Process

  1. Secure a New Wallet:
    • Set up a new, secure Bitcoin wallet (backup crucial!). Transfer all Bitcoins from your old wallet to the new one.
    • Label your old wallet for clarity (“compromised for forks”).
  2. Wait for Confirmations:
    • Wait until your Bitcoins are confirmed on their new addresses.
  3. Export Private Keys:
    • Export private keys for addresses holding Forkcoins.
  4. Prioritize Forks:
    • Begin with the most valuable fork (e.g., Bitcoin Cash) and progress downward.
  5. Install Forkcoin Wallet:
    • Install a wallet for the specific Forkcoin, ensuring it can’t compromise your system.
  6. Import Private Keys:
    • Import one private key at a time to minimize risk. Send each to your chosen exchange.
  7. Repeat for Other Forks:
    • Repeat steps 4-6 for all other forks, following the descending order of value.

Special Cases

  • Multisig: Refer to specific posts for coins stuck in multisig or sent to a pubkey.

Investment Advice: Exercise Caution

  • Be cautious when investing in forks, altcoins, ICOs, and similar ventures.
  • Understand that these projects primarily aim to benefit their creators, emphasizing profit over user interests.

This guide provides insights into the intricate process of claiming Bitcoin forks, with emphasis on cautious approaches and security measures. Regularly update the information for accuracy and stay informed about the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

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